Current customer information

On the COVID 19 pandemic

We do our best to deliver all orders as soon as possible, but we ask for your understanding if there are any delays in delivery. We are of course also dependent on political decisions that affect us and our shipping service providers.

Take care of yourself, show consideration for each other and support each other. We are sure that we will master this great crisis together and with prudence.

The Bresser team would like to thank all the people who are fully committed to our society and do everything possible for our well-being.

Current status: in which areas can restrictions on parcel delivery be expected?

Currently affected are risk areas (e.g. quarantined) in which localities had to be closed.

Most end consumers and wholesalers will continue to be supplied, but local businesses in some countries will no longer be supplied. This may also affect deliveries to parcel shops.

We will update this information as soon as we have new information. Further information on the current situation of our shipping partners can be found here:

You can find service notifications here:

Service notifications can be found here:

DHL Express service notifications can be found here: