NEXCOPE DIC Observation Set (NE900)

DIC Nomarski set with 4 high NA S-Apo objectives

  • Complete DIC upgrade set for the NE900 microscope series
  • Contains 4 high quality High NA S-Apo lenses (M25)
  • 10x (NA 0.3), 20x (NA 0.5), 40x (NA 0.75), 100x oil (NA 1.4)
  • Polarization filter for light field can be rotated and swivelled
  • DIC condenser with 3 DIC slots for 10x, 20x / 40x and 100x
  • Condenser NA 1.25 for bright field and epi-fluorescence
  • Contains 2 adjustable DIC sliders for 10x / 20x and 40x / 100x
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Product number: NX82932
EAN: 4007922073576
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