Vixen SX2WL Equatorial GoTo Mount with Wifi Module

High-precision Vixen SX2WL EQ GoTo mount with Wifi module for control via smartphone or tablet - Made in Japan.

  • SX2WL equatorial GoTo mount with Wifi module
  • Easy to control via smartphone or tablet
  • Convenient GoTo slewing by tapping the display
  • Photographic load capacity of up to 12 kg possible
  • Only 7.0 kg, lightweight and therefore very portable
  • Large worm gears with 180 teeth each and 72 mm worms
  • Free STAR BOOK Wireless app with star chart application
  • Object database with Messier objects, NGC objects, IC objects, sun, moon, planets, comets
  • Database with up to 259,000 celestial objects depending on map settings
Delivery period: 1-3 working days.

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Product number: X025049
EAN: 4955295250493
Shipping Weight: 12.5 kg
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