Bresser Messier AR-102xs/460 EXOS-2/EQ5 Goto


Messier AR-102xs/460 EXOS-2 Goto

  • Richfield telescope with ED glass lens
  • Excellent focuser with 65mm open diameter
  • D= 102mm; F=460mm; F/4.5
  • 50,8mm to 31,7mm adapter with integrated T2-thread
  • 6x30 optical finder with crosshair
  • optimized finder bracket for comfortable usage
  • Universal 44mm Dovetail plate with stainless steel rail (fits LXD75/Great Polaris/EQ5)
  • The equatorial mount EXOS 2 Goto with GP-Level dovetail plate and robust steel tripod bears optical tubes weighing up to 13kg stable for visual observation
  • The optional motor drive for the RA+DEC axis makes usage even more comfortable, so there is no need of manual tracking and the object is kept steadily in the field of view
  • Ideal for astrophotography because of an ST-4 compatible autoguider port
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Product number: 4702469
EAN: 4007922041223
Weight: 25.9 kg