BRESSER Messier AR-152S/760 EXOS-2 GoTo Telescope

  • High-quality telescope with big lens telescope and stable equatorial and motorized mount
  • Aperture: 152mm / Focal length: 760mm / Achromatic refractor
  • Max. recommended magnification: 300x
  • Mount: Equatorial GoTo mount with motors in both axis and handcontroller / Max. payload: approx. 13 Kilograms
  • Included: refractor, mount, steel tube field tripod, hand computer, eyepiece, diagonal mirror, integrated 31.7 mm and T2 adapter, mounting ring, handle with camera holder, Viewfinder, astronomy PC software Stellarium, Telescope book, rotatable star map
  • Precision mount with ball bearings in all axis and polar finder scope with optional illumination
Item #: 4752769
EAN: 4007922199269
Shipping weight: 16.1 kg
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