BRESSER Messier AR-102s/600 EXOS-2

  • Achromatic 102mm telescope with stable mount
  • D= 102mm; F= 600mm; F/D= F5.9
  • Equat. EXOS-2 mount with a max. load of 13 kg
  • GoTo motors + Startracker optional
  • Included: Messier AR-102S, EXOS-2 mount, acc.
  • Solid stainless steel tripod for maximum rigidity
  • Two optional motor/drive systems available
  • Excellent focuser with 65mm diameter
  • Precision mount with ball bearings in all axis
  • Rigid aluminium handle with camera support
Item #: 4702608
EAN: 4007922003153
Shipping weight: 28.6 kg
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