PushTo AR-80/400 Smart Telescope with tripod

Ideal beginner's refracting telescope: This versatile smart telescope, including an app, makes finding and pointing at objects child's play!

  • PushTo AR-80/400 refracting telescope with Bluetooth
  • PushTo Navigation Smart App free to download
  • Easy finding of and pointing at objects using the app
  • The telescope viewing direction is shown on the display
  • Changes in movement are transmitted in real time
  • Large object database and sky tours available
  • Powerful wide-angle optics with which objects are clearly visible
  • Telescope for night and solar observation
  • Complete accessories and solar filter included
  • Operating system: at least Android 10 / Windows 10/11
Pre-orders are not possible.
Product number: 4780400
EAN: 4007922080192
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