EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC OPTOLONG 2'' L-eNhance Deep-Sky Light Pollution Filter

The L-eNhance is a tri band filter and the ideal choice for enhanced light pollution suppression. It allows astrophotos to be taken of narrowband emission objects in O-III, H-Beta and H-Alpha lines out of the city.

  • Professional photographic filter for astronomy
  • Improve deep sky emission nebula photography
  • Best choice for enhanced light pollution suppression
  • For taking pictures also from highly light-polluted areas
  • High Transmission for O-III, H-Beta and H-Alpha lines
  • Doesn't require very large or extremely expensive telescopes
  • CMOS cameras can deliver images like monochrome cameras
  • Balanced colour for a natural image
  • Filter DIA: 2.0 inch/50.8mm, Connecting thread: M48x0.75mm
  • Multi-layer anti-reflection coatings for highest image contrast
Delivery period: 1-2 working days.

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