BRESSER Telescope Pluto 114/500 EQ with Smartphone Camera Adapter

  • The BRESSER Pluto telescope is the perfect combination of a large Newtonian mirror with a short focal length
  • The equatorial mount lets the user follow the celestial objects with ease and its sturdy tripod supplies the telescope with a solid hold
  • Divided into optical tube and mount, this telescopes fits also into smaller cars. The ideal traveller's scope with high imaging quality
  • Complete weight: approx. 9 Kilograms
  • Scope of delivery: Telescope, Equatorial mount, Aluminium tripod, 2 Eyepieces, Smartphone camera adapter, LED-viewfinder, 3x Barlow lens, Accessory tray
Item #: 4614500
EAN: 4007922145136
Shipping weight: 12 kg
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The availability of this item varies and cannot be specified exactly. Please consider contacting our support team for more information.
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