BRESSER Nebula Goto Kit EXOS-2

Motor kit for BRESSER EXOS-2 mounts

  • Integrated Raspberry Pi with 2x USB-3 ports, 2x USB-2 ports, and 1x Ethernet port
  • Small handbox included for manual corrections
  • Controllable via ASCOM/Alpaca or INDIE with any current common software
  • Operable via smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android)
  • Polar alignment via EKOS software
  • Control of external peripherals such as cameras, filter wheels, motor focus, etc. possible
  • Easy assembly of the motor set
  • No more cable clutter between mount, additional devices, and computer
  • Stepper motors with high resolution
  • Belt-drive system for smooth tracking
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Shipping Weight: 1.7 kg
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