EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC 1.25" ND0.9 Gray Filter reduces brightness and increases contrast for accurate observation of bright objects
21,90 € * Shipping Weight 0.035 kg
Solar Filter for 60-80mm
21,90 € * Shipping Weight 0.2 kg
The EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC UHC filter allows the observation of low-light deep sky objects
55,00 € * Shipping Weight 0.26 kg
Filter Set 3 Moon & Planets from 150mm (6")
45,00 € * Shipping Weight 0.2 kg
Sonnenfilter für 110-130mm Teleskope
29,90 € * Shipping Weight 0.2 kg
Color Filter Set Red,Green,Blue,Yellow
14,90 € * Shipping Weight 0.03 kg
Solar Filter for 80-102mm Telescopes
24,90 € * Shipping Weight 0.2 kg
Filter Set 2 Moon & Planets from 100mm (4")
45,00 € * Shipping Weight 0.2 kg
1.25" variable polarizing filter
55,00 € * Shipping Weight 0.25 kg


Filters are a popular tool in the field of solar and planetary observation. They increase the contrast for certain details that are poorly or not at all to see without a filter. Basically, there are two problems with the observation: (1) over-exposure, the boundary between two regions of the observed object with different brightness "fraying" or simply blurred because the eye is overwhelmed with the contrast in bright light; and (2) adjacent areas have similar coloring, but only small differences in intensity. Both effects cause that the combination of eye-brain can no longer separate details and thus tries to show both objects as a single one.