Vixen Coma Corrector PH for R200SS Newtonian

For excellent correction of system-induced coma of parabolic mirrors and their spherical aberration.

  • 0.95x coma corrector for Newton reflector telescopes
  • Designed for the Vixen R200SS Newtonian reflector
  • Designed for full-frame DSLR cameras
  • 99.9% light transmission per lens thanks to AS coating
  • Wynne-type corrector, 3 elements in 3 groups
  • Absolute colour purity and sharp stars to the edge of the image
  • Reduces the focal length of the R200SS to 760 mm 1:3.8
  • Weight: 175 g
Delivery period: 1-2 working days.

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Product number: X000150
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