Vixen POLARIE U Star Tracker

The Vixen POLARIE U Star Tracker allows you to take sharp and precise photographs of stars and the night sky, and is perfect for air travel thanks to its lightweight design

  • POLARIE U Star Tracker for sharp sky images
  • Small and lightweight tracking, perfect for travel
  • Five different speeds for tracking and ST4 Autoguiding port (RA only)
  • Excellent for timelapse shots
  • Shutter release possible via a Smartphone
  • Built-in bubble level and directional scale for time lapse
  • Upgrade up to 6.5 kg load capacity possible with optional accessories
  • High quality manufacturing - Made in Japan
  • Dimensions: 88.5mm x 72mm x 110.5mm ; Weight: 575g
  • Operating System: Android 4.4 and over or iOS 9.9 and over Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11b/g
Delivery period: 2-6 working days.

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Product number: X035491
EAN: 4955295354917
Shipping Weight: 1 kg