NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Telescope + Microscope Set for Advanced Users

The Telescope + Microscope Set offers everything you need to explore and experience the world of astronomy and microscopy.

  • Telescope: Land & Night Observation
  • Microscope: Experience the microcosm
  • extensive accessories for telescope + microscope
  • 2 eyepieces, viewfinder telescope, zenith mirror, 1.5x reversible lens, lunar filter, aluminium tripod, permanent preparations, microscope slides, microscope set, smartphone holder
This product shows marginal traces of usage that do not influence the optical and mechanical quality. The delivery includes the regular accessories and a factory warranty. Discounted goods are not combinable in addition to current special offers and promotions.
99,90 €
Delivery period: 2-6 working days.

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Product number: 9118300
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Shipping Weight: 2.858 kg