50th Earth Day on 22 April 2022

More than 20 million people took part in the first Earth Day in the USA half a century ago to actively support environmental protection. Since then, it has taken place every year - meanwhile with the commitment of more than one billion people in over 190 countries worldwide. We are also celebrating the 50th Earth Day together with our partner NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. After all, we pursue one goal with our products: to give nature lovers the opportunity to experience the wonders of our earth up close and very consciously.

With open eyes into the adventure of nature

What could be better than leaving everyday life behind and exploring the wilderness? For example, looking through binoculars brings us right into the habitat of an animal without disturbing it. And every fascinating view, e.g. of a spectacular rock formation, leaves us in awe. We look beyond the earthly horizon with a telescope that makes stars and planets appear close enough to touch.

But we also discover the secrets of nature at home. A weather station not only tells us whether we should grab an umbrella or a sun hat. The versatile measuring device also sensitises us to the meteorological processes on our planet, which influence our lives in every respect. Tiny but certainly no small thing: the microcosm always gives a great picture through a microscope and reveals whole new, exciting worlds.

However, in order to enjoy the beauty of our Earth for a long time, we must actively protect it.

We take responsibility - every day!

True to the motto "Every day is Earth Day", BRESSER is also committed to environmental protection in everyday life. For example, we use cardboard packaging more than once, reduce the proportion of full-colour printed cardboard boxes, use delivery note bags made of 100% recycled film, rely on online catalogues and do without plastic in product packaging. In addition, we have been supporting the important work of NABU for over 10 years with donations in kind and money to the Rhede local association. And we also work together with our customers to protect nature: for every Google review, ReviewForest plants a tree at our expense in the northwest of Madagascar.