Extended Warranty

An online registration for the extended warranty (5, 10, 20, 30 years) is not required. The extnded warranty for the product is covered with the purchase. Please note the warranty logos on the packaging or the instructions in the product description.

We offer high quality products and have a long tradition and great in-house expertise. Thus, we offer an Extended Warranty that is unique in our line of business. If you face problems with our products, we will surely find a solution for both us and our customers. Many thank-you letters and our shop ratings speak in favor of that. Summing up, we extend the warranty of many products to 5 or even 30 years for our brands:  BRESSER, Explore Scientific and National Geographic.

We offer special products with a PREMIUM Guarantee, where there is no end date of the guarantee after product registration. Further information about this guarantee can be found here: PREMIUM Guarantee