Short Constellation Guide

12 Signs of the Zodiac

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The Scale (Libra)

The Scale lies between the Virgin (in the west) and the Scorpion (in the east). It is a very unattractive constellation, and has no stars of magnitude 1. Originally, this constellation was conceived as part of the Scorpion; we assumer that Libra became its own constellation during the Roman era.

From mythology – an interesting story that has been told for many centuries

This constellation, which originally depicted the scorpion‘s pincers, is the youngest of the zodiac constellations, and the only one that does not represent a life form. In the later Greek mythology, the constellation, which looks sort of like the two pans of a balance scale, was seen as the scale held by Astraea (the Virgin), the goddess of justice.

Finding the constealltion in the sky

In central European latitudes, the Scale never climbs very high over the horizon. At the beginning of June, the constellation reaches its highest point around 10 pm. The three brightest stars of the Scale form a triangle.

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