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The Water-Carrier (Aquarius)

Aquarius (Latin for “water-carrier” or “jug-carrier”) is the eleventh zodiac constellation; it’s symbol represents a water stream. The constellation lies between the Horned Goat (in the west) and the Fish (in the east). The Water-Carrier is one of the oldest known zodiac constellations. It is found in a celestial region that if often referred to as the „sea,“ because “watery” constellations often appear there, e.g. Cetus (the Whale), Pisces (the Fish), Eridanus (The Eridanus River) etc.. Sometimes the Eridanus River (the Po River in Italy) is depicted as pouring out of the water jug of Aquarius.

From mythology – an interesting story that has been told for many centuries

As the Greek myth tells it, Zeus was taken in by the beauty of Ganymede, a young shepherd boy. Zeus transformed himself into an eagle, picked the boy up and bore him to the seat of the gods. Ganymede recognized the great need for water that existed on the Earth. He negotiated with Zeus to be allowed to help the people, and he obtained permission to let it rain. Finally, he was exalted as the Water-Carrier, Rain-God, and placed among the stars.

Finding the constellation in the sky

On both hemispheres, the constellation can be seen in latitudes between +65° and –90°, although viewing is best in October. The Water-Carrier is relatively easy to find;–it is situated between the southern star Fomalhaut (in the Southern Fish - Piscis Austrinus) and the large Sqaure of Pegasus in the north.