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Children are overflowing with curiosity and are eager to learn. They want to see and examine everything very closely. Therefore, a reflected light microscope or stereomicroscope is best suited as a children's microscope. These devices, also known as dissecting microscopes, have two eyepieces so that both eyes are used. In contrast to typical laboratory microscopes, a real stereomicroscope also has two objectives, so that you get a stereoscopic image with an impressive 3D effect. 

Another advantage of these microscopes for children is that everything can be examined without further preparation. No matter what children pick up around the house and outdoors, they can look at it immediately. There are no limits to imagination and curiosity! Beetles, sand, leaves, water samples, minerals, toys and sweets all can be explored in detail.

Nothing needs to be prepared or cut and the sample does not have to be transparent. It is not necessary to handle sharp-edged glass slides and fragile cover glasses.

Do not be deterred by the low magnification. Surely you'll be amazed what you can see and discover with 20x magnification! Flies have unbelievably hairy legs and an inconspicuous grey moth with its scales and facet eyes looks like a creature from a horror movie!

Because the operation is very simple and the children quickly understand what they are looking at, such a stereomicroscope is suitable even for the very small ones. Numerous kindergardens and primary schools use the Biolux ICD 20x stereo microscope. It is small, light and yet robust and battery-powered, and accompanies children on excursions into nature.

Kids Microscopes: Our Recommendations

Junior Durchlicht Mikroskop

- Vergrößerung: 40x-640x
- LED-Beleuchtung
- Revolverkopf mit 3 Objektiven

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Handliches Auflicht-Mikroskop für Kinder

- Stereomikroskop mit binokularem Einblick
- Beleuchtung LED über Mignon-Batterien
- Dreidimensionales (3D) Bild

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Dreidimensionales Bild (3D) durch Stereo-Optik

- Langlebige LED-Beleuchtung mit Batteriebetrieb
- Auflicht-/ Durchlichtbeleuchtung
- Praktischer Transportkoffer

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Hochwertiges Auflicht/Durchlicht-Stereo-Mikroskop

- Vergrößerung: 20x, 40x, 80x
- Dioptrien-Ausgleich
- Mit Netzteil und Akkus für die Beleuchtung

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Schülermikroskop BIOLUX SEL

- Viel Zubehör zum optimalen Einstieg in die Mikroskopie
- Smartphone-Adapter, Bilder abspeichern und mit Freunden teilen
- Mikroskop mit Zoom-System, Vergrößerung 40x-1600x

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What Kids can discover with our microscopes

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From the age of 8-10 years on, a transmitted light microscope, also known as a biological microscope, is the right thing. These instruments also correspond more to what one would expect from a microscope, e.g. a revolving nosepiece, 3-5 different objectives and, in most cases, only one eyepiece for beginner microscopes. These devices are then used to examine microorganisms, algae, blood cells and more, but the sample often has to be prepared first. This requires some knowledge, patience  and dexterity. Younger children would need some support and guidance wo work with these microscopes. Some muddy water or plants from a pond or aquarium is a real treasure trove. If necessary, one simply examines the green biofilm from the watering can or a flower vase, young researchers with more patience prepare a hay infusion.