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High-end optics with excellent price-performance ratio

Best Binocular Reviews tests our waterproof stalking ED 8x42 binocular

The testers praised the 8x42 Pirsch ED binoculars as a fantastic all-rounder for travelling and hiking and rated the binoculars as "excellent". Although its "big brother", the Pirsch ED 8x56 stalking binoculars are even better in very poor light conditions, the small, lightweight 8x42 is convincing in everyday use thanks to its combination of 8x magnification and 42 mm objective lens - especially when birdwatching and observing nature.

Particular praise is given to the good colour reproduction and the high-contrast image with only very small colour fringes. Incidentally, the latter are prevented by the special high-performance ED glass. Among other things, the fast and precise focus adjustment and the good processing quality were also convincing. There was extra praise for the cleaning kit that comes as standard, which most other manufacturers apparently lack.

You can read the full test report on BBR's website.

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