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Fun in sight: With our Bresser Junior Outdoor-Equipment the new generation starts into the summer leisure time

We have something for cool kids to play, explore and have fun outside!

Summer, sun, sunshine: what better way to explore the outdoors than in the great outdoors. Whether in the fields or in the forest behind the house, in grandma's garden, on a mudflat hike along the North Sea or collecting fossils in the Allgäu: there is plenty to explore.

We have the right equipment for young and old adventurers alike: in our Junior series we have put together the perfect adventure equipment for all kids who love discovery. With our outdoor sets, the youngsters can then go on a discovery tour in the great outdoors and discover their surroundings in a playful way.

A perfect view: Far away and yet so close

Our Bresser Junior Binoculars 3x30 with triple magnification is the perfect companion for expeditions through nature. Rabbits, birds, squirrels or anything else you might come across, you can see 3 times bigger with the help of these binoculars. You can choose the binoculars in the colours yellow, pink and blue.

Best prepared for a tour of discovery with our Outdoor Set

With our Bresser Junior 4x30 Outdoorset we have put together the most important equipment for your big discovery tours in one set. The included headlamp shows you the way through twilight and darkness. Thanks to the drinking bottle you always have enough juice or soda to keep you refreshed, the binoculars with 4x magnification make it easy to look out for exciting adventures and the compass will keep you from getting lost.

Orientation in the terrain with a compass

You know the directions? Then learn how to use a compass to find your way in terrain you're not familiar with - by showing you the cardinal points. Our rugged compass from National Geographic has a centimeter and scale scale and a floating compass needle, so you can accurately locate objects on land.

Stay outdoors: A real adventure even in your own garden

And after an exciting tour of discovery, you can relax in your own cool tent in the evening while (garden) camping. How about our National Geographic Outdoor Set consisting of a tent, robust 4x30 binoculars for children and an LED lantern. The throwing tent is very easy to set up, as it only has to be taken out of the bag supplied and set up on its own. The small LED lantern provides warm light and can also be used as a flashlight.

Now we wish all kids and their parents lots of fun discovering, playing, learning and chilling together. Have a great summer! 
Your Bresser Team