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Father and son: weekend tips for young (and young at heart) fathers

In times of Corona just do something completely different and enjoy life and the day together with your family

So grab your son or daughter and explore nature from a bird's eye view with a drone. For example with our NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Drone Explorer Cam. The smartphone is simply clamped onto the hand control and used as a display to discover nature from above. The drone flies aerobatic figures such as roll or somersault at the touch of a button.

Completely different insights into nature are provided by our child-friendly handheld microscope in pocket size. With it, the youngsters can examine everything they find in the garden or on a hike in nature, such as plant leaves or insects, in more detail right on the spot. The details and structures that can be discovered in the process and that are not visible to the naked eye should also surprise fathers.

Talking about hiking: As optical specialists, we naturally have a wide range of binoculars available for good views in nature. Our Hunter series is ideal for getting started. Our BRESSER Hunter 10x50 binoculars with 10x magnification, for example, are perfect for hiking or other outdoor activities. And in our junior range, you are sure to find the right binoculars for children.

Now all that remains is to get the weather right! Our weather station 4CAST CS radio weather station, for example, ensures the best views. The weather station shows the weather forecast for today and tomorrow on the colour display. The 4CAST CS also has an alarm signal for critical weather conditions and a display of the rain/precipitation probability as well as wind speed and wind direction. By the way, the weather data comes via radio from the METEOTIME weather service.