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Know how the weather will be

Reliable weather trend forecast

Now in autumn, when the weather is more volatile, a reliable weather forecast is worth its weight in gold. With your own weather station at home, you can see for yourself how the weather will be and reliably forecast short-term weather trends.

Temperature and weather conditions influence the choice of clothing for the day and your well-being. The air pressure allows you to draw conclusions about the weather in the next few days: if the air pressure rises, the weather will become more beautiful, if it falls, a period of bad weather is imminent. The humidity of the air, in turn, indicates whether it is humid outside or whether the air is dry, making a humidifier necessary for the interior.

Our digital weather stations tell you more than just the indoor and outdoor temperature. For example, simply connect to your home WLAN with our WLAN 5-in-1 Colour Weather Centre and archive the weather data on your computer. Or use some devices to check the temperatures in several rooms of your flat or house at the same time. Our Temeo Hygro Quadro - thermo- and hygrometer for example offers the possibility to measure temperature and humidity at 4 different measuring points in and around the house. This allows easy monitoring at one point: is the cellar room too damp and at risk of mould? Is the bedroom at a comfortable temperature? Is it too hot on the terrace? Find your suitable weather station at


5-in-1 colour weather centre: 12-hour weather trend forecast with WLAN function


Our WLAN 5-in-1 Colour Weather Centre offers you not only large data volumes but also a 5.7-inch colour display: the illuminated, colour display shows many different weather data clearly structured and with graphic symbols. The data is supplied to the base station by an outdoor sensor using 868 MHz frequency: in addition to temperature and air pressure, this includes humidity, wind direction and wind speed as well as the amount of precipitation. The weather centre then uses this collected measurement data to calculate a very reliable local weather trend forecast for the next 12 hours.

Speaking of the base station: it is available in two colour variants, white or black.

The model also has a memory and a WLAN function, which enables users to share their local data via apps such as Weather Underground or Weather Cloud'.

Further highlights:

- Audible or visual alarm function for individually programmable maximum and minimum values
- Activatable frost/ice warning from -3°C outdoor temperature
- Indoor climate indicator, which serves to control the indoor climate and to prevent mould growth
- Display of moon phases
- Alarm clock with snooze function

Measure and evaluate weather data like the professionals with the W-LAN Weather Centre 7in1


With our new EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC Profi W-LAN Weather Center 7in1, we offer a professional weather station that not only provides measurement data on wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, temperature and humidity as well as printing, but also statistics on UV and light intensity.

With the 7in1 Weather Center you can measure a wide range of meteorological data directly on site and keep track of them via an app, completely independent of location. As an option, you can add a soil moisture and soil temperature sensor and a floating pool thermometer to this weather station.

This station can be connected to the German language portal AWEKAS. Thus you can either transmit your weather data to AWEKAS or call up your weather data worldwide.