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Warning of fraudulent emails

Currently, fake e-mails are being sent under our name to collect confidential data.

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These e-mails are usually sent to trick the recipient into revealing confidential information, such as upcoming financial transactions or private details. With this information, the potential attacker can attempt to identify passwords or redirect payments.

To appear more trustworthy, a sender with whom a relationship may already exist is chosen.
This is currently also happening under the name of Bresser GmbH. These e-mails are neither initiated by us directly nor by third parties. Unfortunately, however, we cannot prevent it because the sender of an e-mail can be overwritten just as easily as the sender of a letter.
Please do not reply to these e-mails.

If you receive unsolicited or unexpected e-mails with noticeably incorrect spelling, a differing appearance and/or unknown contact persons asking you to disclose information, register somewhere or urge you to open attachments, you should be careful.
In case of doubt, it is better to contact us in advance, but you should NOT reply to the e-mail in question, but write a new e-mail to us: info(at)