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Among Sharks

With the National Geographic Actioncam Explorer 4

Among sharks - with the National Geographic Actioncam Explorer 4

When our partner JBL went to the Bahamas in June to experience sharks up close, our newest Actioncam was put to the test. At the shark workshop the behavior of sharks and the communication between divers and sharks was trained with Erich Ritters Sharkschool and the apnoe diver Christian Redl who holds several world records. JBL wants to educate about the risks of shark attacks (which are extremely rare!) and contribute to the protection of sharks with this video. The future of our oceans depends on the survival of sharks, which are severely threatened by overfishing and finning.

During several dives our new National Geographic Actioncam Explorer 4 was used to capture fantastic footage. We are totally thrilled to see how close the participants and sharks got! Have a look and dive with us into the fascinating world of sharks!

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