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Souvenir photo of the bird visit

Bird camera SFC-1 shoots sharp close-ups of our feathered friends with 16 megapixels and 0.6 seconds response time

An aviary attracts birds in flocks to winter gardens. But as quickly as the shy visitors arrive, they usually leave again. To see blue tit, sparrow, robin, wren and all the other birds that make themselves comfortable in our front gardens, city parks and allotment gardens in winter, try our BRESSER SFC-1 bird and small animal camera.

Also video recordings of up to 5 minutes length

This means you are very close to the action and experience your gardeners from a completely new perspective. Simply installed on the bird house with the supplied mounting material, the camera automatically takes a souvenir photo of every bird visit and, if desired, even makes video recordings of 5.10, 20, 30 seconds, 1 minute or 5 minutes in length.

Thanks to the infrared LED, night shots are also possible

Protected by its rainproof housing, the digital camera can be used during the day (colour images) as well as at night (black and white images) for impressive close-ups thanks to a 940nm infrared LED illumination. This gives you great insights into the night-time wildlife that you would otherwise be denied. By the way, the flash is completely invisible to animals, so they don't feel disturbed or frightened and behave in a completely natural way.

Fast reaction time ensures sharp pictures of birds in flight

The motion sensor of the 16 megapixel camera has a range of 1 metre, which triggers the camera as soon as an animal flies in front of the camera - thus preventing small movements of trees or bushes. As the camera focuses from a distance of 20 centimetres, it is also perfect for close-ups. Thanks to the very fast reaction time of 0.6 seconds, our bird camera even manages to take sharp pictures of birds in flight.

The low power consumption ensures long use without having to constantly change the batteries: Up to 12 months in stand-by mode are possible. here for the Bresser bird and small animal camera SFC-1