Industrial Optics & Make-to-Order

With the Lens Division of Jinghe Optec Co., Ltd. Bresser has a strong and prestigious partner, that enables us to produce customized optics of specific instructions.

You need customized optics for single units or small units? You want to respond quickly and flexibly to customer requests? You wish a fast reaction to changing market conditions?

The combination of our strong and prestigious, long-term know-how in technology and production, as well as the excellent facilities of production, enables us to create value for our partners which are unique in this industry. Our quality policy consists of three main components: 1) continuous improvement 2) exceed all expectations as well as 3) strengthen customer relationship. Since 2005 we are qualified by ISO9001 and since 2008 by ISO14000. These high standards guarantee high precision, competence and felxibility.

Dominik Becker
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Certified Competence

Quality Policy: continuous improvement - exceed all expectations - strengthen customer relationship

ISO 9001: Quality Policy: Certifies high demands towards the QM-system

ISO 14000: Environmental standard: Certifies the improvement of the environmental sustainability

Your Advantages

Economies of Scale

Diversification of risks

Access to highly qualified personnel

Assembly in state-of-the-art manufacturing plants

Demand-actuated and customer-oriented production