Vivarium Rosmalen (NL) 2022

Vivaristics - colourful fish in underwater landscapes, rainforest or desert terrariums, exotic animals. You don't necessarily associate this with microscopy, but a microscope can be an important tool here to gain completely new insights into the hobby. After a break of two years, we were again guests at this fair in the Netherlands together with JBL, and showed how you can benefit from microscopy in the hobby. And of course it's not just about parasites, algae or other pests, a microscope provides wonderful insights into the nature of small creatures. For example, a tiny starfish becomes a huge eye-catcher on the 4K monitor, tropical beetles or butterflies appear in glittering rainbow colours and richly decorated, glassy diatom shells appear in the "dirt" of the aquarium in an infinite variety of shapes.

The fair thrilled visitors with great show aquariums, aquascapes, marine aquariums, tropical plants and animals, aquascaping competitions and numerous specialist lectures.

Vivarium was once again a success and attracted numerous visitors, including many families. Especially the children were very curious about the microscopes. We would like to thank the Vivarium team and JBL for allowing us to be guests again. We look forward to next year.