Planets, deep sky and more: enjoy the September Sky Guide!

September brings the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. As a result, for a short period of time on September 23rd, day and night will be approximately the same length. Afterwards, the nights in the Northern Hemisphere will begin to lengthen again, providing more opportunities for fascinating observations and astrophotography.

As it prepares for its opposition in early November, Jupiter stands out as the star among planets, delighting early risers with some fascinating transit events. The Sky Guide tells you when they will take place, and why Saturn is also a worthwhile target this month. You will also learn more about the newly-discovered comet C/2023 P1 (Nishimura) and possible observation opportunities in September. And in our Deep Sky Delights we reveal noteworthy planetary nebulae, galaxies and star clusters in the constellations of Pegasus and Aquarius.

Sky Guide

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