NEW: LUNT Multipurpose Telescopes for Sun & Night-Sky

Modular designed multipurpose telescope, both for observing the sun in the H-alpha wavelength, as well as for night sky observations. Easy conversion between the different applications with a few simple steps. The H-alpha wavelength is the most impressive way to observe the sun, showing protuberances at the sun's edge, filaments and flares on the surface, and much more. At night the ED lenses provide an excellent image for visual observation or photography. A telescope for all applications, available with 60mm, 80mm, 100mm or 130mm aperture.

LUNT LS60MT/B600C Multipurpose Telescope for Solar + Night-Sky observing

- 2-lens ED refractor, FPL-51
- Focal length: 420mm
- Aperture: 70mm

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LUNT LS100MT/B1800FT Multipurpose APO Telescope for Sun + Night-Sky

- 3-lens APO refractor, FPL-53
- Aperture: 100mm (no central obstruction)
- Focal length: 714mm

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LUNT LS130MT/B1800 Multipurpose Telescope

- Triplet ED apochromatic refractor, FPL-51
- Aperture: 130mm (no central obstruction)
- Focal length: 910mm

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LUNT LS80MT/B1800C Multipurpose APO Telescope for Sun + Night-Sky

- 2-lens ED APO refractor, FPL-53
- Aperture: 80mm (no central obstruction)
- Focal length: 560mm

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