With the travel microscope to Japan - the JBL Expedition 2019

Our partner JBL produces feed, care products and water tests for aquariums, terrariums and ponds. In order to optimize the products to suit the natural conditions in the biotope of the animals, JBL regularly organizes expeditions all over the world.

Japan was on the agenda for 2019. One of the announcements for this expedition was about one of the destinations, the island of Iriomote. Probably you've never heard the name of this island before? But for microscopy enthusiasts it offers something very special. The other destinations in Japan, namely Tokyo, the famous Koi breeders, temples and shrines, coral reefs, rainforest and crystal clear rivers make this expedition very diverse.

Research plays an important role in the JBL expeditions. Water parameters, temperature, light and UV radiation are measured in various biotopes. In this way it is possible optimize the husbandry conditions of fish, invertebrates and reptiles and to properly keep and breed the animals. Since the luggage of the expedition participants already includes numerous measuring devices, cameras and scuba diving equipment, there was usually no room for a microscope. With our travel microscope XPD-101 this was no problem at all. In the following articles you can read what we experienced and examined on the trip.

From Tokyo to the mountains of Japan

The beginning of the trip was filled with classic Japanese sightseeing spots. The bustling Tokyo with a beautiful Japanese garden framed by skyscrapers, the Toshogu shrine in Nikko, the Kegon waterfall in the mountains and the first contact with the cold water in the river in Kanmangafuchi Abyss. In the strong current we couldn't find any fish, but the moss soaked by the rain on the riverbank was enough for the first field use of the microscope. We discovered numerous rotifers in it.

In a traditional Japanese hotel we could get to know the traditional life in a Ryokan. Sitting together in a kimono and on socks on rice straw mats and enjoying excellent Japanese food is an experience! But you also have to sleep on thin folding mattresses on the floor and follow the confusing rules of the thermal bath (Onsen). But it was worth it! The fish market in the town of Niigata was also interesting. The variety of seafood traded is impressive.