Earth Night: We join in!

The Earth Night on 23 September is all about switching off artificial light for a whole night to draw attention to the existing light pollution.

We at Bresser support the Earth Night campaign because the experience of a dark night under the starry sky is being reserved for more and more people. Many children from larger cities have never seen the Milky Way with their own eyes. Astronomy is increasingly becoming an abstract science with no relation to one's own life. But the fight against light pollution does not only concern amateur astronomers who want to experience or photograph starry skies with telescopes or binoculars. The bright nights damage nature in many ways. Too much artificial light affects large parts of the animal kingdom, including insects, bird life and especially habitats in bodies of water or in the sea. We humans also suffer from a disturbed day-night rhythm, and the health risks are becoming increasingly clear. For us, not only astronomy, but also nature observation is part of our passion.
We wish that the campaign is successful, and that in the future we can enjoy not only one dark night a year. The consequences of light pollution are shown to you by the initiative Godfathers of the Night:

How can you join in?

The action is easier than ever and everyone can join in - even on the coming nights. Here you will find important solutions for reducing light pollution clearly summarised:

The most important points for you at a glance:

    1. switch off outdoor lighting - for example garden lighting, façade lighting, etc.
    2. close blinds, roller blinds or curtains - this way you are not sitting in the dark, but less light gets outside
    3. shine light only towards the floor where it is needed
    4. use motion detectors
    5. if light is needed, use yellowish light sources (up to max. 2700K colour temperature)

And now: Switch off the light and enjoy the starry sky!