Binoculars in the test: Bresser wins in 3 categories

Twice best price-performance ratio, once best astro binoculars

The online magazine Best Binoculars Reviews (BBR) regularly tests binoculars from different manufacturers worldwide. Now BBR has announced the winners from 2021 in all categories - and Bresser is among them three times!

In the categories "best value for money" for binoculars under 400 euros and binoculars under 200 euros suitable for general use in hobbies, nature observation, travel and sports, our Pirsch ED 8x42 and Condor 10x42 binoculars made it to the top of the podium. In addition, we also became test winner in the category "Best Astro Binoculars under 400 Euros" with our Bresser Spezial Astro SF 15x70.

Best binoculars under 400 euros: Bresser Pirsch ED 8x42

The testers from BBR particularly praised the very good image quality with good colour reproduction, which is undoubtedly due to the high-performance ED glass we used. The contrast values and very low colour fringing were also emphasised. In addition, the testers positively noticed the very low image softness at the edges of the image and the absence of visible distortion. "Considering the range of optical and external components used and the high quality of their construction, the relatively low price is really impressive," the test states.

The Pirsch ED 8x42 is a high-quality all-rounder that is suitable for every field of use: travelling, hiking or hunting. The phase coating on the prisms ensures that the image appears very high-contrast and high-resolution. In practice, this allows you to better perceive feathers or fur structures on animals, for example. In addition, the phase coating is particularly advantageous in low light conditions.

The ED 8x42 is waterproof and filled with ARGON anti-fog gas - making it the perfect companion in all weather conditions.

Best binoculars under 200 euros: Bresser Condor 10x42

The BBR testers explain that they come to this conclusion with both the convincing optics and the high-quality material and feel of the Condor 10x42: "On the one hand, features such as an all-metal focus wheel, a metal diopter adjuster and aluminium eyepieces make the glass feel and look much more expensive than it actually is. On the other hand, the optics are also convincing," it says in the explanatory statement. Particularly praised here are the extremely low blur at the edges of the image as an absolute highlight as well as the non-existent distortions in the image such as image curvature.

The binoculars of the Condor series are extremely versatile binoculars - waterproof, nitrogen-filled, handy and with a high-quality finish. The Condor 10x42 is a version with higher light gathering power and thus offers a brighter image than other models with 42mm aperture, especially at the onset of twilight. Thanks to the rather large aperture of 42 millimetres and the not-too-big body, the glass is the optimal companion for hikes or in the forest.

Best Astro Binoculars 2022 under 300 euros: Bresser Special Astro SF 15x70 Binoculars

Our ASTRO binoculars are very bright and "a robust pair of binoculars with high-quality optics, which in turn offer a quality of view and user experience far above what you would expect at this price level", as the BBR testers attest to our SF 15x70. Due to the high 15x magnification, the astro binoculars are the perfect companion for astronomy as well as for observing distant terrestrial objects.

The fully multi-coated Bak4 optics, extra large objective lens diameter and the highly corrected eyepieces with 5 lenses in 3 groups ensure sharp-edged and brilliant images. This also impressed the testers: the low colour fringing and image blur as well as the complete multi-coating of the glass attracted particularly positive attention.
All 3 binoculars are also suitable for eyeglass wearers!

The Full test reports (in English) are available here.

„Excellent quality at a reasonable price“

„One of the best tested in this price range“