PL 9mm 31.7mm/1.25" Illuminated Reticle Eyepiece

Use cases:
Reticle and Astrometric Eyepieces, Flip Mirror systems

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price

129.00 €
129.00 €

Plössl 9mm Illuminated Reticle Eyepiece Series 4000

Meade® Illuminated Reticle Eyepiece Systems Wireless and corded models, each with advanced features, to suit any observing requirement. These special-purpose eyepieces include reticles with etched crossline patterns, internally red-illuminated so that the lines are clearly visible against a dark sky. All eyepieces are 31.7mm(1.25") O.D.

The most advanced commercially-available illuminated reticle eyepiece, this Series 4000 Plössl 9mm model includes micrometric x-y positioning controls which greatly facilitate locking onto the guide star: turn the finely-threaded controls and place the reticles crossline pattern precisely at the desired position in the field. The sharp, high-power imaging of the 4-element, multi-coated Plössl optical system is complemented by a rubber eyecup (foldable for eyeglass wearers) that shuts out distracting stray light from the observers eye. The upper (lens) section of the eyepiece rotates on a fine thread for precise diopter adjustment to the users eye. Reticle pattern is a double crossline with two concentric circles.

Corded Model with 6 ft. cord and connector for direct plug-in to the control panels of Meade LX90 with #909 APM, LX200 and RCX400 telescopes. Separation of the power source and eyepiece permits reticle brightness adjustments to be made during an exposure without risk of vibrating the telescope. Red LED brightness control is effected from the telescopes hand controller or control panel.