Zoom 8-24mm 31,7mm/1,25"

Use cases:
Eyepieces / Magnifications

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price

175.00 €
175.00 €

Meade 8mm - 24mm Zoom shot eyepiece of the series 4000

Outstanding optics and continuous quality within the entire zoom shot range.

The Meade Series 4000 Zoom is an excellent addition to telescopes of all types, brands, and price levels, whether 60mm refractor, 8"(20,3cm) Dobsonian, 90mm ETX, or 12"(30,5cm) LX200. Conceived by one of the world's leading designersof photooptical instruments, this 7element system provides an apparent field of 40° at the 24mm setting, increasing continuously to a 55° field at 8mm. The internal zoom optics move on smooth, precisely machined surfaces which maintain optical collimation at all zoom settings. A scale graduated in 1mm units indicates the zoom focal length in operation. All lenses are multicoated for maximum light transmission and image contrast, while minimizing internal reflections. The chromed brass barrel is threaded for filters.


With its high-eyepoint optics and foldable rubber eyecup the Meade Series 4000 Zoom Eyepiece is comfortably usable by eyeglass wearers; even with eyeglasses the entire field of view is easily observable.