UWA 24mm 50,8mm/2"

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Eyepieces / Magnifications

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369.00 €
369.00 €

Ultra Wide Angle Eyepiece 24mm

The Representing the ultimate in eyepiece design and technology, the new six and seven element Series 5000 Ultra Wide Angle eyepieces deliver extremely high resolution, contrast and full-field sharpness over an astounding 82° apparent field-of-view. Only the highest quality materials were selected to create these extraordinary eyepieces. The designs required several different types of exotic glass in order to achieve the highest level of optical performance. Looking through a Series 5000 Ultra Wide Angle eyepiece is the next best thing to actually being there.


-Ultra Wide 82° apparent field-of-view

-Premium grade optical glass

-Individually tuned, multi-layered

- coatings for maximum light transmission

Lens edges and all internal metal surfaces

are blackened to maximize image contrast

-Parfocal - little or no refocusing required

when switching eyepieces

- Long eye relief

- Adjustable twist-up rubber eyeguards