WA-QX 26mm 70° 50,8mm/2"

Use cases:
Eyepieces / Magnifications

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98.00 €
98.00 €

QX Wide Angle Eyepiece 26mm

QX Wide Angle Eyepieces 4000

Meades Series 4000 QX Wide Angle is a new line of 5 element eyepieces designed and engineered for high-performance observing. They yield a super wide 70 degree apparent field of view with extreme resolution. This is one of the few eyepieces sold today that can give you a wide field of view with a consistent pinpoint edge-of-field sharpness and long eye relief. All QX Wide Angle Eyepieces feature multi-layered optical coatings to maximize light transmission, and edge-blackened optics for superior image contrast. The new Meade Series 4000 QX Wide Angle eyepieces are an incredible value, delivering excellent performance.


-Super wide 70° apparent field of view.

-5-element optical design provides clear, sharp, high-contrast images.

-Fully-multi-coated optics for maximum light transmission.

-Lens edges blackened to minimize internal reflections and improve contrast.

-Superior contrast and pinpoint resolution.