Analyth ICD 20x-40x

Use cases:
Advanced Microscopes
Stereo Microscopes

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249.00 €
249.00 €

Analyth ICD 20x-40x

The new higher range stereo microscope!

The new Analyth ICD is a modern incident/transmitted light microscope with 360° rotatable microscope head, turnable zoom objective for different magnifications and two independently dimmable illuminations. A blue color filter can be installed. It is very suitable for viewing coins, stamps, minerals and much more.

The incident light source in the upper part of the microscope is for viewing opaque objects, the transmission light source is for translucent objects like preparation slides.

By the big working distance of 70mm and the wide focus range, also bigger objects can be viewed comfortable. The electronic eyepiece (optional accessory) allows viewing and saving the objects on your PC! An integrated illumination (12V / 20W Halogen) gives bright and even light onto the object.

All case parts are made of steel and aluminium; this gives a solid base for the for the experienced user.