Erudit DLX 40x-1000x

Use cases:
Beginner's Microscopes
Biological Microscopes

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Erudit DLX 40x-1000x

Microscope for the demanding beginner

The Bresser Erudit DLX positions itself as a high-quality, robust and good equipped microscope for school, studies and hobby use. A rechargeable battery, which is integrated in the solid microscope base, enables the Erudit DLX to function also in mobile use.


The transmitted light illumination of Erudit DLX is performed by a LED with dimmer (for continous variation of light intensity) and a height-adjustable condenser (with iris diaphragm and filter holder). This allows to the instrument to have not only the 4x, 10x and 40x objective, also the 100x objective. These all are DIN objectives. The 40x and the 100x objective are retractable (saveguarding against damages). With the 10x wide field eyepiece, you get a total magnification range 40x-1000x. The microscope has a 360° rotatable monocular viewing, coaxial coarse and fine focusing drive, and a mechanical desk with vernier scales.


With meaningful accessories, which are available on request, you can build up your microscope to a more and more powerful system. Above all, we recommend the BRESSER MicrOcular II (640 x 480 pixels). With this electronic eyepiece, you can observe your preparations on your PC monitor. The software enables you to save and replay your microscope observations.


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