Messier AR-90/900 EXOS 2 GOTO

Use cases:
Lunar and planetary observation
Refractors, achromatic

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price

799.00 €
799.00 €

BRESSER Messier AR-90 90/900 EXOS 2 GOTO

Excellent for entering into the hobby of astronomy: 90mm aperture delivers 200 times more light than the naked eye! Observe craters, valleys and rims on the moon from nearly 400,000km away just as you would look out of the window of a spaceship! The MESSIER AR-90 does not only provide highly detailed views of the moon: Gaze at the division of the rings of saturn millions of kilometers away or explore the Great Red Spot of Jupiter, a giant tornado in Jupiter's atmosphere. Watch the seasons on Mars and find the sickle of Venus. The MESSIERA R-90 gives you images that are many times brighter than the instrument Galileo Galilei was using for his famous explorations almost 400 years ago.