Spezial-Zoomar 7-35x50

Use cases:
Bird Watching / Nature Observation
Porro-Prism (Zoom)

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price

119.00 €
119.00 €

Spezial Zoomar 7-35x50

" Prism and lens materials made of BaK-4 glass material " All optical surfaces are FMC coated " Centre-wheel focusing " Individual eyepiece dioptre adjustment " Variable magnification range (ZOOM) " All models have a tripod adapter thread " Robust and ergonomic armouring " Incl. bag and carrying strap

The name says it all! The Special Zoomar binoculars

offer fascinating sharp images. The individual eyepieces

are carefully tuned to each other, making the

magnification variable through the use of the zoom


Thanks to the FMC coated BaK-4 glass material

objects at great distance can still be seen as clear

images. The handy and ergonomic rubber covering

provides for a stable hold. The standard tripod thread

and adapter provided, make it simple to attach these

binoculars to any photo-tripod.