Spezial-Astro 20x80

Use cases:
Bird Watching / Nature Observation

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price

199.00 €
199.00 €

Spezial ASTRO binocular 20x80 incl. Tripod

Suitable for astronomical observations. Stabilisation pole with adjustable tripod connection thread Including transport bag with carrying strap

The new Spezial ASTRO binocular has a large 80mm objective lens which makes it big enough for serious astronomical use or for long range terrestrial observations. Manufactured from quality light weight materials this binocular can easily be used as a hand held model. With extra focal length achieved by the longer than normal body, the images are sharper and clearer. Their high power and light weight make them also an excellent choice for nautical applications, wildlife observations, surveillance or anywhere where high power hand held binoculars are required.

Night sky use


A true pleasure is the best way to describe these binoculars when used for observing the night sky. Gathering more than 30% the amount of light than a 70mm binocular, the milky way will reveal countless nebulae and star clusters surrounded by thousands of stars. With a longer focal length than normal 80mm binoculars, the Spezial ASTRO greatly enhances field sharpness as well as significantly reducing chromatic aberration.The slow smooth focus ensures easy adjustment for sharp clear images.


Wildlife and other outdoor use

Those studying birds, wildlife or enjoying the landscape will appreciate the high power, and high resolution with the big objective lenses in a truly light weight package. The rubber armoured body helps to protect the binoculars as well as providing water resistance. The aperture to magnification ratio provides pleasing comfortable views and the smooth central focus allows accurate clear images.